My Hospice Story ~ Roberta

As a three-year volunteer at Delta Hospice, I have been honoured to share the sacred times spent with families and clients at our hospice. The goal of supportive care is to provide individualized attention for each person’s unique needs and to respect their wishes. 

The love and compassion from the staff and volunteers help to provide a loving environment for all. Sometimes, we do that in the simplest of ways such as making cupcakes together, because they still want to contribute and have something to share with loved ones who visit, or singing songs, which are a powerful way to reminisce and bring joy.

When volunteering in the Supportive Care Centre, volunteers work with counsellors in providing support to both individuals and groups as we help with the process of grief and assist in the journey for all family members.

Respect and compassion for all to me means we need to accept the choice of each individual. My goal is to support people all the way through their care, respecting and being inclusive of all belief systems and faiths, and providing comfort in a way that puts the needs of the individual first.

The ongoing support of our community provides funding for the services, which should be beneficial to all of us. My hope is you will sign up as a member and add your voice in support of maintaining our lovely gem of a hospice so that it can be open and caring for everyone.