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Hospice Should Support All End of Life Choices Angelina Ireland, President, Delta Hospice Society (DHS) stated in the above article that the BC Courts are forcing “us to let a hostile group take over the Society, change its foundational purposes, and seize the assets built up for over 30 years. Ms. Ireland seems to think that she has considerable experience with Delta Hospice and represents a lengthy …

Delta Hospice Appeal Hearing Adjourned Until Fall

Last June, Chris Pettypiece, Sharon Farrish and Jim Levin filed a BC Supreme Court petition to block a special meeting of the Delta Hospice Society that excluded hundreds of applicants for membership and proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to turn the Society into a Christian based organization. The ruling went in favour of Pettypiece and his group, blocking …

Reasons for Judgement Received

We have just received the Reasons for Judgement from the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Farrish v. Delta Hospice Society,2020 BCSC 968Details Here:

Justice Agrees to Expedite

We are very pleased the Justice of the Court of Appeal has agreed to our request to expedite the appeal and assigned a hearing date for mid-August. Further, Justice Goepel has held that the current Board of DHS is not allowed to make any changes to the membership list until the appeal is heard.

Rally of Support

On June 13th hundreds of concerned citizens came out to the Walk for Delta Hospice. People came out in support of patient choice and in support of fair governance that is accountable to its members and to the community who built Delta Hospice: The support of the community has been tremendous and has lightened the burden of the staff, volunteers …