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About the Take Back Delta Hospice Movement

We are a group of Delta Hospice Advocates who support the former Board Members who spearheaded the legal action against the current Board of Directors of Delta Hospice. They took the current board to court in order to restore accountability to the membership and the wider community who built Delta Hospice. Our goal now is to engage concerned citizens to become members of the Society in order to vote at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a Board of Directors committed to ensuring that:

  • caring for patients and their loved ones in need of support is at the forefront of every decision
  • every citizen, without exclusion, is welcomed and offered support that follows the highest standard of palliative care and current best practices in end of life care and grief and bereavement support
  • all staff and volunteers are treated with professionalism, respect and dignity
  • funding is prioritized towards patient care, volunteer training and grief and bereavement counselling
  • the Constitution and Bylaws remain respectful and inclusive of the faith and personal values of every person who is admitted to care at the Hospice or attends counselling programming

How You Can Help Take Back Delta Hospice

You can help the cause in a few basic ways;
  • Apply to become a Member of the Society.
  • Encourage your family and friends to apply. to become Members
  • Stay informed by joining us to receive updates as we mobilize support to ensure your voice counts!
  • Join in the discussion on our Facebook page.

  • Step 1

    Join Take Back Delta Hospice and stay up-to-date with our campaign to bring inclusive palliative care back to the Delta Hospice Society.

  • Step 2

    Become a member of Delta Hospice Society so you can have a vote in the future of Delta Hospice Society. If your membership isn't acknowledged by the DHS, please let us know, and we will advocate on your behalf.

  • Step 3

    Encourage your family, friends, and neighbours to apply to become DHS members.

Our community showing their support.

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