My Hospice Story ~ Kaes

After my mother-in-law was a patient at Delta Hospice, I was inspired to become part of the  Delta Hospice Volunteer Team to try to provide to other families the care and support we received. The pay is phenomenal – it’s worth more than any amount of money! The reward is knowing that you can make a difference for patients and families, and bring them through what can be a difficult journey to a place of healing and peace.

The volunteer training is extensive and helps you to communicate and learn to react on a different level than you might be used to in your day-to-day life. You learn how to help families through a wide variety of emotions and bring families together through the process of end-of-life care and help them focus their time together around caring and compassion for each other.  

Our work respects the wishes of the patient, asking about what they need, and confirming what they want throughout. If that philosophy is to hold true, then there shouldn’t be “politics” going on that interfere with the patient’s wishes at any point in the process.  

I ask, if you believe in a standard of care at Delta Hospice that keeps the needs of the patient first, become a member and exercise your right to vote for a Hospice that supports patients’ rights to the care they choose.