Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an AGM?

No, it is a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING to vote on ONLY ONE resolution, which is to have the AGM held electronically. VOTE NO.

Is this meeting legal?

Yes, the BC Supreme Court allowed DHS to hold this SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING and the Court also appointed the meeting chair, Kevin Boonstra.

How do I vote?

In order to vote, DHS Members have received a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING notice from Delta Hospice Society that included your personal voting credentials. This information must be used to access voting, either by phone or online. VOTE NO

How do I know if I am a Delta Hospice Society member?

To confirm your DHS membership, please call 604-948-0159 or email

This is all very confusing. How do I know what to do?

VOTE NO to the resolution on October 1st to keep control of DHS local.

When will the Annual General Meeting be held?

The date of the AGM is unknown but it may be as early as late October or November 2021.

How do I participate in the SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING?

Only current DHS members can participate in this SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING.

To listen online, the link is:

To vote online, use the following link: 

To participate by phone, you can call in to 1-877-229-8493 ID Code: 119626# 

YOU WILL NEED YOUR UNIQUE VOTING CREDENTIALS TO VOTE EITHER ONLINE OR ON THE PHONE. This was included in your Special General Meeting email notice.