Delta Hospice Staff Given Termination Notice

On January 7, 2021, Delta Hospice Society staff were given advance notice that letters of termination were being sent to all Irene Thomas Hospice employees.  The Irene Thomas Hospice is operated by Delta Hospice Society.  

“We are deeply concerned about this news and the immense loss to our community,” says Chris Pettypiece, spokesperson for Take Back Delta Hospice. “These are highly trained and specialized staff who have given so much to our community over the past 11 years.  They have cared for our loved ones and their families at such a crucial time.”  

Pettypiece goes on to say, “the DHS Board had a responsibility to ensure palliative care services for our community.  They have first failed to maintain key funding and have now failed in their role as an employer.  We now see their priority is not to save palliative and end-of-life care in Delta.”

“We call on the Province of BC and Fraser Health to act now to ensure the continuity of care in our community for those facing end of life. Delta residents helped to build both the Irene Thomas Hospice and the Harold and Veronica Savage Care Centre. and they have every expectation that they will be able to access the appropriate care in those sites.”

Take Back Delta Hospice is once again demanding that the Delta Hospice Society board of directors resign immediately. Our community needs a DHS board of directors who will work to place the needs of patients and their families first and, further, to act as responsible employers to keep the highly-trained specialist staff team in place.

Take Back Delta Hospice advocacy group is composed of DHS members, supporters and advocates who believe the Society should be accountable to its members and the community it serves. TBDH relies on donated time and resources to try to ensure Delta Hospice remains accessible to all and respects everyone’s personal decisions for their end-of-life care.

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