Delta Hospice Appeal Hearing Adjourned Until Fall

Last June, Chris Pettypiece, Sharon Farrish and Jim Levin filed a BC Supreme Court petition to block a special meeting of the Delta Hospice Society that excluded hundreds of applicants for membership and proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to turn the Society into a Christian based organization. The ruling went in favour of Pettypiece and his group, blocking the DHS Board’s ability to conduct any further business related to a special general meeting.

The current Board ultimately appealed the decision, which was set to be heard today, August 17, 2020. The BC Court of Appeal adjourned the hearing until fall to allow BC’s Attorney General sufficient time to prepare a position on the matter.

Pettypiece said he, Levin and Farrish are staying the course, adding, “We believe Delta Hospice and its services should be available to all that require hospice care, regardless of their end-of-life choices. We are committed to ensuring a membership that reflects the wishes of the entire community and we’ll use this delay to strengthen our representation of them as we head into the Fall and the BC Court’s decision.”

Pettypiece also said, “The most frequent question our group is asked is about when applicants can expect to have their memberships approved. The Courts will give direction to the Society as to when and how they must add the applicants so I urge everyone to apply now as the Courts will set that deadline at their discretion.”

To support Pettypiece, Farrish and Levin, a new group, Take Back Delta Hospice, has been formed. The group is composed of DHS members, supporters and advocates who believe the Society should be accountable to its members and the community it serves. TBDH relies on donated time and resources to try to ensure Delta Hospice remains accessible to all and respects everyone’s personal decisions for their end of life care.

Learn more about Take Back Delta Hospice on our website at​ or email us at: ​